Pet Contract

Please download and print out the following contract to sign and send in to:

Amanda L. Dorner
W662 Little Prairie Road
Palmyra, WI 53156



The contract is as follows:

1st Page

Hyline Golden Retrievers was established in 1986. Hyline kennels is dedicated to producing the highest line of Golden Retrievers; thus the prefix "Hyline" is a constant reminder of my purpose in breeding. My personal dogs compete mainly in conformation for American and Canadian championships. Persons acquiring puppies from me, besides showing in conformation, enjoy much success in obedience, agility, canine companion, hunting, and therapy dogs, as well as devoted pets.

All of my litters come from sires and dams that have their hips and elbows registered with the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA) and are free from genetic hip and elbow disease. Their eyes are certified by an ophthalmologist once a year. They have their hearts listened too by a board certified Cardiologist, screening for any abnormalities and certified free of cardiovascular disease. I only breed dogs with all clearances. My dogs are free from allergies, epilepsy and of course must display the true Golden Retriever temperament.

My litters are born in my home and at three weeks begin socializing with groups of children until they come into your home. Pets are to be spayed or neutered; I do not sell to persons for breeding purposes.

Note: Golden Retrievers shed year round and like to be active. Females’ AKC standard is 21½ inches with an inch deviation and about 65 pounds. Males’ AKC standard is 23½ inches with an inch deviation and about 75 pounds. So, consequently you could have a female at the top of the standard and a male at the bottom, about the same size. Size is not solely dependent on sex.

When you return the second page of this contract, please include a brief letter answering these questions:

    • Your previous dog history; what breeds you owned and where the dogs are now
    • Who will take care of this dog when you are on vacation
    • How did you hear about Hyline Goldens
    • Children and ages and if they have ever lived with dogs
    • Any one in the home have any allergies of any sort
    • Hours someone is home and where the dog will be during the day and night
    • Do you own your home
    • Do you have a fenced in yard
    • Does your employment take you out of state or have you had to move due to it and if so how often
    • Your approximate age
    • What are your hobbies
    • Why you want a Golden Retriever, are you planning to do competitions, therapy work or keep strictly as a pet etc.
    • Do you know of any training classes in your area, have you been to any of them
    • What you vision the perfect Golden Retriever to look and act like
    • Male, female, or no preference
    • Contact information, name, home and e-mail address, phone and fax number 
    • Personal reference, such as veterinarian or other
    • All out of state inquires must present some photo ID with application that has name and address on it
    • Are there any questions you have about the breed or any concerns you have about owning a dog 

If specific personality and or type (looks) are most important, it is best to list a sex preference, but be accepting of either in order to not limit the choices for you. My years of experience and the fact that I live with these puppies make me your best matchmaker; therefore, I select your puppy for you.


2nd Page

Upon signing this contract, you are agreeing to:

    • Follow Amanda L. Dorner’s vaccination protocol/read the entire educational packet you will be receiving.
    • Feed the dog food recommended by Amanda L. Dorner.
    • Contact Amanda L. Dorner first regarding any issues related to health
    • Raise the dog in love and proper discipline so that he/she grows to be a good dog citizen
    • Place the kennel prefix "Hyline" at the beginning of the registered name
    • Maintain proper weight, exercise your dog
    • The owner agrees to keep, house, and properly care for this dog for the entire length of his/her life
    • The owner (adults, parents) understand and agree that all responsibility of the dog's care: feeding, grooming, cleaning up after (poop scooping), exercise, and training are solely their own responsibility, not that of other family members in the household, especially children.

For as the breeder believes too many or untimely vaccinations, lack of proper exercise and/or improper nutritional support will result in numerous health related problems and disabilities, any deviations from the above stipulations will be considered a breech of contract.

It is understood that this pet will not be used for breeding purposes.  The puppy will be sold to you on a limited registration to insure this. It is strongly suggested that you spay or neuter your pet.

I guarantee your pet to be free from major disabilities that would keep him from functioning as a pet. I will replace this pet with another if this pet becomes blind from cataract, has hip dysplasia severe enough that it is unable to function as a pet, or if the pet develops allergies that cause great discomfort. This guarantee does not include changes due to normal aging. Aging defined as over eight years of age.

The price for the puppy is $1,500.00. Please sign and return this form with a $200.00 deposit.  The deposits are entered in my book in the order they arrive. The puppies go home between 7 and 12 weeks of age depending on when I am satisfied with my evaluation of them. You will be contacted when I have a puppy for you.  If you are not ready at that time, you are not obligated to take the puppy.  Only in the event that no puppies are available will your deposit be refunded.

If married, both parties must sign the contract.